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WELCOME... the online home of the author, Darren Dash, where you can learn about his books, his upcoming plans, and more.


Darren's novels are on sale through Amazon stores worldwide, as eBooks, paperbacks and (coming soon!) hardbacks. If you want to buy one as an eBook but do not own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app onto your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc, then buy and read it using that.

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Kirkus recommended read

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A timely, riveting, thought-provoking page-turner." Kirkus.

"Barbed with sarcastic and self-aware narration, this wildly creative read weaves issues of religion, science, and politics into a masterful allegory of contemporary society, seen through the spectacularly inventive lens of a far-flung future. 4.5 stars out of 5." Self-Publishing Review.

"Packed with both references to existing history and imagined events and figures in the centuries to come, this is a fascinating and imaginative science fiction tale that blends fact and fiction to weave an entertaining read." The US Review of Books.

"Darren Dash builds upon an intriguing premise to deliver an engaging sci-fi story with a healthy dose of satire, philosophical discourse, and dark humor. 5 stars out of 5." Readers' Favorite.

"A fun-filled and provocative time travel adventure." The BookLife Prize.

"With enthralling jumps into the past, a dystopian setting, a tortured hero, and a race against time, Father of the Future practically begs to be adapted to the big screen. This story will stick with you for a very long time..." The Literary Connoisseur.


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Kirkus recommended read

"A thrilling tale loaded with bullets, bloodshed, and bodies." Kirkus.

"Molls Like It Hot is perfect for noir detective readers who like their stories unpredictable, multifaceted, and hard to put down." Midwest Book Review.

"A wily tale of double and triple crosses you absolutely won’t see coming. This is a fast, ferocious, and fun read." The US Review of Books.

"This book reads like a Tarantino movie script packed with fast-paced action, blood, guts, and gore. It is fantastically entertaining!" San Francisco Book Review.


"If you like your books witty, gritty, and full of action, this is the perfect book for you!" Kelly Smith Reviews.


"Molls Like it Hot is a fast-paced, cinematic unflinchingly gritty piece of modern day noir that is both sophisticated and pulpy. " Books, Films and Random Lunacy.

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Kirkus recommended read

"A clever and kinky theatrical romp with a big heart." Kirkus -- a Recommended Read.

"Midsummer's Bottom is a thoroughly Puckish take on the original play...rude, naughty, outrageous, and very funny... a delight for the devotee of Shakespearean comedy." Indie Reader.

"I think I've found my favorite book of 2018. Midsummer's Bottom is Darren Dash at his best and most inventive form." Scare Tissue.

"Midsummer's Bottom is one of the most entertaining novels of the year... filled with magic, mayhem and good old-fashioned storytelling that will hook readers from the very first page. Light-hearted and humorous escapism doesn't get any better than this." Rising Shadow.

"This unique tale is that rare reimagination of elements of a classic story that captures all the comedy, drama, and emotional satisfaction of its original and in some ways exceeds them."

U.S. Review of Books -- Recommended read.

"Midsummer's Bottom is a delightful book with the lyrical words of the bard and the theme of his magical work intertwined into the story line." Readers' Favorite.

“By far the best book of 2016, possibly the best book of this decade... the bastard love child of Kafka and Rod Serling, throwing in a dash of Ray Bradbury for good measure. 5/5 -- brilliant. Just brilliant.” Kelly Smith Reviews.


"An Other Place sees an imaginative writer at the top of his craft. It brings to mind The Twilight Zone, yet even Rod Serling himself would have struggled to come up with an alternate world so completely off-the-wall and yet oddly meaningful as Dash has here. 9/10 stars." Starburst.

“Darren Dash has opened a new artery of terror... unlike any book I have ever read... hints of The Twilight Zone, Pines, and Station Eleven.” The Literary Connoisseur.


“This book really did blow my mind... each page turn was both chilling and thrilling in equal measure... the conclusion left me with goosebumps. 5/5!” Rachel Hobbs, author.

Kirkus recommended read

"A violent culmination of love, friendships, hilarity, thrill, horror and sex… 'Sunburn' literally had me up awake too scared to go to sleep, sickened in the best way possible and with the constant undertone of being completely HOOKED. A brilliant and thrilling read." Chase That Horizon.


"Sunburn is the kind of story that makes you want to read on well into the night. It held me firmly in the moment, demanding my full attention right to the very last page. Then, just when you begin to think you're safe, unholy bloody mayhem ensues." Thoughts Of An Overactive Imagination.


"This demonic masterpiece will not disappoint even the biggest of horror fans." Crossing Pixies

Kirkus recommended read

"The book flaunts the grim panache of a London crime saga, and all the characters are engaging, no matter how despicable they are. Not for the faint of heart, but this novel’s character studies and ever shifting plot will excite fans of English noir." Kirkus -- a Recommended Read.

"A thoughtful and enthralling examination of a society that is seedy, corrupt and painfully uncompromising. Darren Dash is a skillful writer, whose greatest talent lies in his depictions of character. Few writers can so easily and powerfully communicate the complexities of people dragged into a world of darkness and despair." Safie Maken Finlay, author.

"I found myself brilliantly horrified and captivated as I read and was taken along on a dark journey with a range of dangerous, sick and even innocent characters." Chase That Horizon.


"The Evil And The Pure is a deliciously dark delight; a gritty, realistic look at the depths of human depravity. The twists and turns have you reeling with shock. A glory to read. 5 stars." Matthew R Bell's BookBlogBonanza.


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