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I've been posting links to reviews by critics on this blog, but I often like to check out what other, more general readers think about books and films, which is why I place so much faith in sites like Goodreads and IMDB. An Other Place has picked up several reader reviews over on Goodreads to date, including comments such as the following:

"This was utterly brilliant. Darren Shan/Dash is a master in horror, somehow it is so funny! I've LOLed and quoted this book and I want to recommend it to anyone who likes weird books." Odette.

"This is probably the fastest I've EVER read a (standalone) book, and it says a lot. I'm not normally a fast reader & sometimes it takes me at least a few days to finish a book (and sometimes months) but this took me less than a day!" Mahtab.

"I personally read this entire book in two sittings, which is a very rare achievement for me as a lot of the time a book doesn’t grip me by the time the second act even has a chance to kick in, but this book had me in it’s tangly and confusing grip by the time I’d hit the second chapter. I cannot recommend this book more than enough and I will certainly be telling everybody about it who is willing to listen, as my mind is still turning well after the final page was read." Danny.

If you'd like to check out the full reviews, along with all the others, this is the link for the Goodreads An Other Place page:


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