• Darren Dash

Not for your mother!

"I won’t be recommending this book to my mother, as An Other Place is far from a crowd pleaser. I was advised by the author before I began that this may not be my cup of tea. And that would be okay. But by golly, this book really did blow my mind. It stretched my imagination in weird new ways, made me think, sent me soaring and then crashing back down to earth (ha! Inside joke) with one hell of a bang."

That quote is from a lovely 5 star review of An Other Place. The review appears on the Rachel Hobbs blog. When I sent the book out for review, I did warn people that this was a seriously weird book and it might not be their thing. I was hoping for some positive responses, but bracing myself for a wave of negative feedback. So far, the response has been nothing short of amazing, with quite a few of the reviewers hailing it as my best book for adults yet. And while more than one has noted, as Rachel did, that it's not for everyone, so far it seems to be far more mainstream than I (or the reviewers) could have ever predicted. Maybe, in a world where Donald Trump can be president of the USA, readers are more open to the unimaginable now...

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