• Darren Dash

May cause dizziness!

"I was warned ahead of time: Go in with an open mind. But as a frequent reader of bizarre fiction and an avid viewer of gore-heavy films, I didn’t think much of the warning. After all, what could possibly be considered “shocking” anymore, after all the places horror has taken us over the years? I tumbled down the rabbit hole, as skeptical of the warning as a teenager rolling his eyes at urban legends. Little did I know it would be the last time I’d underestimate what fiction’s still capable of. Little did I know my psyche would emerge threadbare and overstretched, no longer just a part of me, but a bloody, mauled trophy to display as proof I survived the journey."

That cool, edgy snippet is from a fab review of An Other Place over on Dread Central. If you'd like to read the complete review, click here:

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